Custom smilies

Django-precise-bbcode does not come with some built-in smilies but supports adding custom smilies and emoticons through the Django admin.

To add a smiley, just go to the admin page and you will see a new ‘Smileys’ section. In this section you can create and edit custom smilies. The smileys defined through the Django admin are then used by the built-in BBCode parser to transform any smiley code to the corresponding HTML.

Adding a smiley consists in filling at least the following fields:

  • code: The smiley code - it’s the textual shortcut that the end users will use to include emoticons inside their bbcode contents. This text can be composed of any character without whitespace characters (eg. ;) or -_-)

  • image: The smiley image

The size at which the emoticon image is rendered can also be specified by using the image_width and image_height fields.