Built-in BBCode tagsΒΆ

Django-precise-bbcode comes with some built-in BBCode tags that you can use to render any content based on bbcodes. The built-in bbcodes are as follows:

BBCode Function Options Examples
b creates bold text   [b]bold text[/b]
i creates italic text   [i]italice text[/i]
u creates underlined text   [u]underlined text[/u]
s creates striked text   [s]striked text[/s]
list creates an unordered list

1: ordered list

01: ordered list (leading zero)

a: ordered list (lower alpha)

A: ordered list (upper alpha)

i: ordered list (lower roman)

I: ordered list (upper roman)



* creates a list item   [list][*]one[*]two[/list]
code retains all formatting   [code][b]example[/b][/code]
quote creates a blockquote   [quote]quoted string[/quote]
center creates a centered block   [center]example[/center]
color changes the colour of a text  

[color=red]red text[/color]

[color=#FFFFFF]white text[/color]

url creates a URL  



img displays an image   [img]http://xyz.com/logo.png[/img]