Rendering BBCodes

BBcode parser

Django-precise-bbcode provides a BBCode parser that allows you to transform any textual content containing BBCode tags to the corresponding HTML markup. To do this, just import the get_parser shortcut and use the render method of the BBCode parser:

from precise_bbcode.bbcode import get_parser

parser = get_parser()
rendered = parser.render('[b]Hello [u]world![/u][/b]')

This will store the following HTML into the rendered variable:

<strong>Hello <u>world!</u></strong>

Template tags

The previous parser can also be used in your templates as a template filter or as a template tag after loading bbcode_tags:

{% load bbcode_tags %}
{% bbcode entry.bbcode_content %}
{{ "[b]Write some bbcodes![/b]"|bbcode }}

Doing this will force the BBCode content included in the entry.bbcode_content field to be converted to HTML. The last statement will output:

<strong>Write some bbcodes!</strong>

Jinja2 template support

Django-precise-bbcode supports Jinja 2 templating. You have to add the precise_bbcode.jinja2tags.bbcode extension to your template extensions if you want to use the django-precise-bbcode’s Jinja 2 tags in your project:

    # ...
        'BACKEND': 'django.template.backends.jinja2.Jinja2',
        'APP_DIRS': True,
        'OPTIONS': {
            'extensions': [

The BBCode parser can then be used into your Jinja 2 templates as a function or as a template filter:

{{ bbcode("[b]Write some bbcodes![/b]") }}
{{ "[b]Write some bbcodes![/b]"|bbcode }}